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Christmas has arrived! If you’re like me, you might love the autumnal season. And while we certainly are in the middle of the Halloween period, makers are already preparing for Christmas! I KNOW it’s always a shock when you walk into Target and you see all of the Christmas decorations and think “already?? it’s only October!” And I’m right there with you! BUT, I also love to show my Christmas patterns for the makers who plan ahead of the holiday season.

Christmas is one of the biggest markets when it comes to pattern designs. Buyers purchase Christmas themed art all year long! While I love all of the traditional Christmas kitsch, I also love to tap into my children’s illustration background to make something a little more to my niche taste. So expect lots of cute animals!

With this in mind, this month I share with you the three holiday collections that I have ready, and how each has its own distinct voice.

Finally, next month, expect something a little different! I’ve been trying to see if I can share a little nugget of wisdom (and it wasn’t easy), but hopefully it will help. I also have some very big news to share very soon, but for now, my lips are sealed. I can’t wait to share!

Collection #1 : Festive Wonderland

A classic Christmas collection tapping into the festive aspect of the holidays, but with a cute arctic twist. Cute penguins and polar bears are celebrating, showcasing festive snow globes, decorated trees, presents and snowbears.

Collection #2 : Festive Forest

A holiday collection that embodies the beauty of the forest during the winter period, showcasing the best that nature has to offer. Realistic hand-painted birds, trees, ornaments and berries are sure to make the holidays better!

Collection #3 : Christmas Cats

Cat lovers will rejoice as the holidays pair up with cute, playful cats! This adorable collection showcases your favorite furry friends in their best holiday apparel!

Let me know which collection is your favorite!

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